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Missing HIS and GEO assignments...

The first History and Geography assignments were due earlier this week. On a positive note, I have received most History Personal Timeline and Geography Compass Rose assignments, and, in some cases, students who didn't hand in work have already spoken to me about it; however, there are a few students who have not handed in the work and have not given me any explanation. This isn't how things work in my classes.

I need to receive any unfinished/missing assignments by Wednesday, September 18 (Day 3) or the result will be ZERO. I will be in my classroom during lunchtime for anybody who wants a place to finish her/his assignment or needs help.

The same rule applies to tests or quizzes that students are absent for. I will give students at least two options to write a test - usually at lunch - if they happen to be absent, but after a week if an effort isn't made to do it, the result will be ZERO.

I want students to realize that I can be reasonable and flexible about late or missing work, assuming there is a good reason, but I have to be fair to the majority of students who work hard to complete work on time and make the effort to get caught up on missed work when they have been away.