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HIS 213-23, HIS 213-25: Personal Timeline Assignment Due Dates!

The Personal Timeline Assignment will be due next week. For HIS 213-23, the due date is Wednesday, September 11 (Day 7, Period 1). For HIS 213-25, the due date is Thursday, September 12 (Day 8, Period 2).

Students must produce a personal timeline starting with being born and it must include an additional 7 to 9 events up to the present. Spelling and capitalization should be correct, there should be colour, and artwork is acceptable. The timeline must be arranged chronologically. There should be a short sentence for each event in a student's life, with the corresponding month and year also indicated. (For example: Started kindergarten: August 2012.) Years must be spaced evenly on the timeline

, but events do not have to happen in every year. Multiple events can be indicated in a single year.