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HIS Test - Friday, Nov. 8 - Information

As mentioned several times last week and posted on this site, the Chapter 3 (Greece, including Athens, Sparta and the Persian Empire) test will be on Friday, November 8 (Day 1). There will be a map, timeline of important events, and definitions section, plus a short answer section. All questions will come from worksheets and notes. I will choose nine (9) of the following terms for the definitions section: TRIREME, OSTRACISM, METIC, HELOT, DELIAN LEAGUE, PERICLES, KING OF KINGS, PARTHENON,

OLYMPIC GAMES, ATHENA, DEMOCRACY, ARTISTOTLE, HERODOTUS, BATTLE OF SALAMIS, PELOPONNESIAN WARS, THEMISTOCLES. If you take the time to prepare for the test, it should not be difficult. The choice is yours...